Search Engine Optimization

Hundreds of agencies claim “100% guaranteed results, get on top of organic search results”. We don’t make any such claims!

Search engine optimization is a complex and ongoing process which has to be implemented and aligned with your overall product strategy. We at Bavyesh Digital Media strive to make your website SEO friendly, technically sound and help you define a process for ongoing SEO hygiene.

Having a top slot on search engines and be visible on local searches are a priority for any business owner today. User interaction with any brand or business starts by online search today on multiple search engines. Having a positive web presence and higher rank is the need of the hour and that’s what a good SEO strategy helps you achieve. A successful SEO implementation starts by analysing the following:

  1. Website audit and structure
  2. Competition analysis
  3. Keyword analysis
  4. Market and audience profiling
  5. Overall marketing strategy of the business and its alignment to the offerings on the website


Our SEO approach:
  1. Our SEO specialists indulge in deep conversations with our clients to understand the business and its objectives. It’s very important to align our expectations and outcome of the activities to be done over the next few months
  2. SEO technical audit – This gives us a base to start our work. The audit framework gives a complete picture on the required changes and guides us to draw the path for implementation along with timeline. The technical audit covers UI/UX, code quality checks, speed, security and more.
  3. Competition mapping and keywords research – Understanding the market segment and audience is very critical for any SEO implementation. Our research covers customers perception towards your services and their behaviour while trying to find out information about your kind of services. This activity also covers the practices your direct competition is using.
  4. Keyword research and ideas – Post analysing the market, our experienced team gets to define the search terms and the placements to get more out of your search capabilities.
  5. On page optimization:
    • Title tag
    • Meta description
    • Robots file
    • Sitemap
    • URL optimization
    • Canonical tag
    • Robots tag
    • Content hygiene
    • Content creation (blogs)
  6. Off page optimization:
    • Content marketing
    • Back links